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July 4th, 2023

Why CrossFit ?

The needs of an Olympic athlete and our grandparents differ by degree not kind. In that spirit, CrossFit works for anyone, because the functional movements that are essential to improving fitness and maintaining functional independence are all 100% scalable to each individual.

For example, on a deadlift day, one athlete may move a barbell weighing 400 lb while the other moves a broomstick. With appropriate scaling, an athlete will make significant fitness gains by working at their relative level of physical and psychological tolerance.

Yes, you can do CrossFit – our coaches and community are here to support you and your goals!

The sense of community at Cryptid CrossFit is perhaps our greatest strength; everyone knows one another, and there is always someone to help with technique, compare WOD results, discuss competitions, or inquire about the latest home improvement project you were talking about last week. Your progress is spurred by the momentum of the group as a whole – we celebrate your wins and support your progress.

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