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We Are Cryptid CrossFit


This year has had a rough start — we were recently tasked with finding a new location. As Cryptid CrossFitters, we dug in, found out inner beast, and started the hunt for our new home.

Spoilers: we found a great space, and have been working hard to get it fully equipped and setup as a fully functioning CrossFit box. Bonus: all of the equipment is new and our community has poured their hearts into helping us get everything situated. We are truly lucky to have each and every one of you in our corner.

We searched high and low to find a new space that we could customize and was close to our old location (among many other criteria). You can find us at 5070 East Main, Kalamazoo, MI, just 5 miles north of our old location.

Community & Fun

We previously highlighted one of our other values — Health — now it’s time to showcase our others: Community and Fun.


We make everyone feel welcome. We introduce ourselves, say hello and goodbye, and act kindly. We value and respect each other for who we are as individuals. We are committed to one another, individually and collectively – enabling us to overcome all challenges with laughter. Our strength is in our community.


Every day you choose to be at two places: home and work. If you had to choose the third place, we hope you choose us. Cryptid CrossFit is your place to get away from the stress of life. Our community continues to come back daily because we make fitness fun. We want to provide the best hour of your day.

More Than Words

It’s easy to write down what you value; it’s much harder to live by those values and showcase them daily. I mentioned earlier that we had a major setback, and our community rallied around us. They came out and helped us clean up the space, returned when we received boxes upon boxes of new equipment, and helped us set everything up. We are nothing without our community, and we are so grateful for them.

A collage of Cryptid CrossFit
Some unboxing memories.
Come See What We’re All About

If you are curious about CrossFit and want to learn more about us, you can follow us on Instagram. Better yet, why not drop by on Saturdays at 8 am for a FREE Community WOD? That’s right. Every Saturday at 8 am.

Your personal invitation to stop by on a Saturday at 8 am for a FREE Community Workout. Afraid? Bring a friend.

If you need help getting your health, nutrition, and fitness back on track, speak with a coach today!

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