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Real reviews from Cryptid Crossfit Athletes and Members

Cryptid Crossfit Experiences: Insights and Inspirations

Within these reviews and testimonials, individuals from diverse backgrounds reveal their profound crossfit journey towards achieving total fitness. They openly share their aspirations, hurdles, and motivations, offering a glimpse into the transformative power of Crossfit. We believe that these heartfelt accounts will aid you in assessing whether Cryptid Crossfit aligns with your goals, making it a worthwhile venture worth exploring.

Cryptid Crossfit: A Home Away From Home

At Cryptid Crossfit, you’ll discover more than just a gym; it’s a place where you become part of a close-knit family. The moment you step through the doors, you’ll feel the warmth and camaraderie that define this extraordinary fitness community.

From day one, the coaches and fellow members at Cryptid Crossfit make it their mission to welcome you with open arms. It’s not just about achieving personal fitness goals here; it’s about supporting one another in every step of the journey. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced athlete, you’ll find encouragement and guidance that empowers you to push past your limits.

The family atmosphere at Cryptid Crossfit is evident during workouts. Everyone cheers each other on, celebrating every achievement, no matter how big or small. It’s this positive reinforcement and sense of unity that helps you stay motivated and committed to your fitness objectives.


“Cryptid has been a huge game-changer in my journey as a newer Crossfitter. The passion the coaches have for their role and the support from them and the rest of the members has made me feel seen and immediately part of the community. They’re also incredibly family-friendly, which is a big plus for me as a mom with a young family who still wants to prioritize fitness in our lives.

Cryptid outlines community as a top value of their gym, and they truly live that value in all classes and with all athletes. I’ve never felt like my hard work is considered “less than” when I choose to scale, and I’ve seen considerable growth in both my abilities and my confidence in the gym in the time I’ve been with Cryptid. If you’re thinking about trying out CrossFit or just looking for a new challenge, this is an amazing gym to be at.”

Adrianna Boyd

Ready to Find Your Inner Beast?

Contact us to ask a question, say hi, or learn more about Cryptid CrossFit and our community of people who work for a healthier tomorrow.

I have been in CrossFit for 6+ years, and this gym / box / community is the most dedicated. Like most, I yo-yo’d in and out of other style gyms, but Cryptid CrossFit keeps me accountable like no other gym has. I am holistically stronger and confident. I have never been to a gym like this, where the class rallies around the last to cross the finish line. The coaches are great and they tailor each workout to your capability. Egos are checked at the door. We start together and end together. Simply we all get better together.

Jacob T Sumner

Cryptid Crossfit has some of the best coaches and programming around. Not only do the coaches have your safety in mind, they also want to help you reach your goals. The community is fantastic. The atmosphere is incredibly welcoming. It’s my home away from home.

Danyelle Conner

Cryptid is truly a one-of-a-kind box. I’m a newer member, though I’ve been doing CrossFit for two and a half years at another area gym. I was really in search of a welcoming community and coaches who not only are qualified but care about their athletes’ progress, and I immediately found it here.

Now it feels like I’ve been part of this community truly for years. The coaches are top notch and push you to be the best version of yourself on any given day. The community reflects this in its clearly shared values and just the real sense of welcoming and kindness you get when you walk in the door. Whether you’re completely new to CrossFit, trying to improve your skills 1% every day, or Rxing most workouts, Cryptid has space for you.

I can’t wait to see where the new location takes the gym and the Kalamazoo community in the coming years.

Kaitlin Schuler


Before joining Cryptid CrossFit I had zero gym experience. I was also diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis 7mo prior to joining.

I was in so much pain I could barely hold a spatula. I was so scared and nervous to join a CrossFit gym because my only experience with it was watching “the murph” and watching some of the games. Coach Andy and Chris took me under their wings and opened my eyes to the fact that this is truly a place for ANY level of athlete, even a true beginner. I was immediately hooked.

The environment/people kept me coming back. Becoming stronger and pain free made me not want to give up. It is so fun to watch/feel yourself getting stronger and stronger.

Cryptid CrossFit has been my life saver and I’ll forever be grateful for this place!

Jenna Lorenz