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Summer Training Phase

We’re thrilled to kick off our Summer 1 training phase in Kalamazoo, beginning tomorrow April 29th, 2024 and running through June 23rd. This new phase is tailored to challenge and enhance your strength, agility, and cardiovascular health. Here are all the details:

Training Focus Areas

  1. Heavy Day Focus: Deadlift and Bench Press. Expect heavy lifting days where deadlifts and bench presses are the stars. On odd weeks, these lifts will be the sole focus of the day, allowing you to truly test your strength. Even weeks will integrate heavy deadlifts into our broader CrossFit workouts, with bench press sessions on separate days.
  2. Gymnastics Focus: Strict Pull-Ups and Vertical Pressing. Strengthen your bodyweight skills with strict pull-ups and vertical pressing, which include strict handstand push-ups (HSPU) or dumbbell presses. Tailored to all skill levels, these sessions will start with a baseline test this week and evolve as you progress.
  3. Cardio Day Focus: Running. As temperatures rise, so does our focus on outdoor running. From CrossFit-style run-bias workouts to traditional intervals and longer runs, our cardio days are designed to improve your endurance and enjoy the great outdoors.

Scaling and Accessibility

We are committed to making every workout fun, accessible, and challenging for all skill levels. Scaling options are and will always be available, ensuring you can safely participate and progress at your pace.

General Physical Preparedness (GPP) Days

Apart from our focus areas, the rest of the week will embrace a GPP approach—expect a mix of everything: benchmarks, high-skill movements, and essential grunt work to keep you fit and fired up.

Important Dates to Remember:

  • Test Week: Starts April 29th
  • Retest Week: Week of June 17th
  • Hell Week: Begins June 24th
  • We will put these on the whiteboard, no worries!

You are what makes Cryptid CrossFit a vibrant community. We’re here to guide and support your fitness journey every step of the way. Let’s jump into this new phase with determination and enthusiasm!

Located in Kalamazoo/Comstock on the corner of East Main and Sprinkle, Cryptid CrossFit is on a mission to help people in our community improve their health! We help busy people get fit and healthy!!

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