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PushPress: Checking in to a Class

Checking in to a class at Cryptid Crossfit has been made easy with PushPress, and there are several ways to do it.

Checking in to a class you registered for

You decided to start the new year off right by committing to a gym schedule, and you registered for the classes you wanted ahead of time. We love that for you! This method is highly recommended because class sizes are restricted, and we would hate for you to drive all the way to the gym just for the class to be full.

  1. You’ll see your photo on the check-in kiosk when you show up for your registered class time. Click on your photo.
  2. The next screen will populate all the available class times, and you’ll see a blue “Check in” button next to the scheduled time.
  3. Click on that button, and you are all set!
Checking in to a class you did not register for

You like to live on the wild side and decide you want to drop into the gym and tackle the WOD with the verve of a dragon. We love that for you! While this method may result in being turned away due to a full class, there is a chance it’s your lucky day.

  1. Go to the check-in kiosk, and type your name in the search bar.
  2. If you have any unsigned documents, you’ll be prompted to sign those.
  3. Once the waivers have been signed, you’ll see the class schedule. Click on the blue “Check-in” button next to the time of the class you are checking in to. You are all set!
Oops, I did it again; I forgot to check-in

Hey, it happens. Reach out to your coach and have them check in to the missed class for you. Don’t wait too long, though … you aren’t the only one with memory problems.

Learn best by watching videos?

Awesome! Check out the 1-minute video below to see how to check in to a class.

1-minute video showing how to check in to a class via PushPress
Benefits to checking in to classes at Cryptid CrossFit

When you check in to 15 or more classes during the month at Cryptid CrossFit, you will earn that month’s feature creature enamel pin! Collect ALL 12 pins to score a FREE duffel bag and an exclusive Cryptid CrossFit Heraldry Pin! So don’t forget to check in!

The FREE Cryptid CrossFit duffel bag and the Hellhound enamel pin

See you in the next class, Cryptids!

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