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PushPress: Buying A Product From The Store

Buying a fitness product at Cryptid Crossfit has been made easy with PushPress!

Buying Your Favourite Product

You just had a killer workout, and you want to grab some product from the gym before you leave.

  1. Grab the products you want to buy and head to the checkout area to use the PushPress kiosk.
  2. Select the category of the product you want on the leftmost side of the screen (e.g., Food & Drink).
  3. The middle part should then populate with the general options for the category you selected (e.g., FitAid, or O2). Select the option you are purchasing.
  4. Once you select the option you are purchasing, flavour options may populate. Select the flavour you want to buy.
  5. To add the item to your cart, click on the white cart icon with a + sign (on the right side of the screen).
  6. Type your name in the “search member” field at the top on the following screen.
  7. You can buy the product by clicking on “Add to Account.”
  8. After selecting “Add to Account,” you will be prompted to add your password (this protects you from other people accidentally charging your account instead of their own), then click the blue “Purchase” button.
  9. That’s it!
Learn best by watching videos?

Awesome! Check out the 1-minute video below to see how to purchase a product using the PushPress App.

See you in the next class, Cryptids!

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