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May Programming

A Glimpse Ahead – What to Expect in May

The overall focus for May will be prepping for Memorial Day Murph – and you’ll do this by meeting some ladies (Cindy, Angie, and a partner twist for Chelsea) and running, running, and more running. Together, you’ll build volume with your push-ups, pull-ups, and running, which will help you tackle Murph. It’ll be important to balance out this load with the other workouts you’ll be seeing this month – we’ll be doing this by scaling the volume of these movements for those who want to participate in the Murph workout on Memorial Day. Be sure to check in with one of our coaches to let them know your plans so we can ensure you are progressing safely and steadily.

There will be a 1-rep max weighted pull-up and 1-rep max back squat towards the end of the month! So many opportunities to hit a PR, and I’ll be here rooting you on! Check into a Cryptid CrossFit class using PushPress and log your WODs in BTWB afterward to keep track of all your hard work.

How can I forget?! You’ll also be introduced to the crossover – a single-under jump followed by crossing your arms and jumping again. I’ve included a video below of this movement, with tips for counting the reps. It can be a bit confusing because the first rep isn’t counted – you only count the reps when your arms switch positions.

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