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June’s Feature Creature

The residents of Douglas, Wyoming, are no strangers to this month’s featured creature: the Jackalope. It’s said the Jackalope is the horned hare version of Neo from the Matrix, able to move and dodge the fiercest of blows quickly. To add horror to the agile creature, this beast has a powerful bite AND can imitate the human voice.

The Jackalope was originally “discovered” in the 1930s by brothers who were studying taxidermy. They grafted antlers onto a jackrabbit and sold the taxidermy to a local hotel in Douglas, Wyoming, where it was proudly displayed as a conversation piece. When asked what this horned hare was called, they created the name by combining jackrabbit with antelope; thereby paying homage to the two animals that were fused to create the creature in the first place.

For all of you who want to join the hunt, you can apply for a Jackalope hunting license here. The hunt is on June 31st from midnight to 2 a.m.

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