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June Programming

A Glimpse Ahead – What to Expect in June

The overall focus for June will be metabolic conditioning, with contributions from Chris Henshaw (one of the top endurance coaches in the world, and founder of the CrossFit course Aerobic Capacity). One way you’ll see this incorporated into this month’s programming is a 20-min conditioning test, where you’ll be able to pick a machine and find out your baseline for maximum meters in 20-min (don’t worry, you’ll get to circle back to this at the end of the month to see how you’ve improved). There will also be interval workouts sprinkled in throughout the month to help you build stamina and practice setting a pace. You can also expect to see some CrossFit Benchmark workouts this month: Randy, Nicole, Nancy, and 30 ring muscle-ups for time.

There will be so many opportunities for you to train with intention this month. Check into a Cryptid CrossFit class using PushPress and log your WODs in BTWB afterward to keep track of all your hard work.

How can I forget?! You’ll also be introduced to the weighted single-leg squat. I’ve included a video below of the basic movement with no added weights,

Break down of a single-leg squat

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