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In Sickness and in Health; a Continuum

What does “being healthy” mean?

At Cryptid CrossFit, Health is one of our values. We define health as fitness over the years of your life, and we use CrossFit as a tool to get you there.

Health is more than just feeling your best, or being happy with the image you see reflecting at you in the mirror. I’m sure it means a million different things to a million people – but for now, we will focus on the tangible health measurements. Thanks to modern science, we can measure things like muscle mass and blood pressure and know what healthy levels look like for each of those measurements. These quantitative measurements give health meaning, and CrossFit represents those values in a health continuum.

The Sickness-Wellness-Fitness Continuum
Health Continuum

If everything we measure about health falls on this continuum — from sickness to wellness to fitness — then all the measurements are related to a single factor: your overall health. These measurements can include things that are easy to monitor: blood pressure, body fat, cholesterol, etc., and they can include things more difficult to measure: mental health. Together, this means that fitness is just a state of super-health.

As redundant as it is, the fittest — or healthiest — will have their measurements going in the direction of fit. When these factors are all leaning towards “fitness” on the health continuum, then it’s thought your body will have an easier time fighting off disease, you’ll have an easier time moving your body as it ages, and you’ll live life the way you want to.

Because health can be monitored with tangible measurements, this means we can track our health. Our health is, essentially, in our control. We can keep track of our progress as we go through the continuum – from sick to well to fit – and come back to these numbers to see if we are improving.

If you need help getting your health, nutrition, and fitness back on track, speak with a coach today!

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