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Gym Tools: Beyond the Whiteboard (BTWB)

Checking into a class at Cryptid CrossFit has been made easy with PushPress. And logging your WODs (AND MORE) has been perfected by BTWB.

Downloading the BTWB App & Seeing the WOD
  1. Go to your phone’s App store and search for btwb: WOD tracking.
  2. Create an account, and log in.
  3. After setting up your app (select your preferred language, etc.), you’ll be able to see Cryptid CrossFit’s WOD. Click on the date you are interested in, and then click on the “Cryptid CrossFit (CAP)” link below.

Logging Workouts
  1. Once you click on the “Cryptid CrossFit (CAP)” link, you can visualize the workout you just completed.
  2. Next to the scaling option you performed (Rx, Intermediate, Beginner), there is a small plus sign next to 3 dots. The plus sign will take you directly to the log screen, where you can enter how you performed the workout. You will be prompted with 2 options: (1) Exactly as written, and (2) Changed weights/movements/etc. Select the appropriate option.
  3. Regardless of the option you selected, you will be taken to a screen where you can enter your score, edit the weights and movements, and write down any notes you may have.
  4. When everything has been entered, you can click on “Next steps” at the bottom, where you can enter where you performed the WOD, attach photos and videos, and change the privacy of that logged entry. When everything is done, click “Save.”

Logging More
  1. Clicking on the Blue circle with the plus sign in the center (see image above, left side) at the bottom of the screen will allow you to track more than your WOD.
  2. You can track your weight, nutrition, injuries, etc. Click on the section you are interested in logging information, and follow the prompts on that new screen.

But Wait, There’s More …
  1. Clicking on the 3 lines at the top of the screen will populate an entirely new sidebar.
  2. This sidebar will allow you to enter information for macros and your workouts. BTWB will analyze your movement modalities and let you know how biased or balanced you are as an athlete. You can see and join fitness challenges, view featured workouts, and more.
  3. Feeling overwhelmed? Speak with Andy or Chris, and they’ll help get you sorted.

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