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February’s Feature Creature

Originally published on February 1, 2023.

This month’s feature creature is the legendary Griffin. With the body, back legs, and tail of a lion, the head, wings, and front talons of an eagle, it’s no wonder this beast was crowned King! (This is because the lion is considered the king of land beasts, and the eagle is considered the king of sky beasts.) Griffins are usually depicted as guardians of priceless treasures or personal possessions.

If you are bold and courageous, perhaps your inner beast is the Griffin. Have you taken the Cryptid quiz to help you discover your inner beast? WHAT?! Go here and do the quiz. Don’t forget to let us know what beast lies within in the comments below.

Let the griffin inspire you all to FIND YOUR INNER BEAST. Don’t forget to check into Cryptid CrossFit via Push Press 14 times or more for February to earn the Griffin enamel pin. #CryptidFit #FeatureCreature #Griffin #CrossFit #InnerBeast