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CrossFit is for Everyone

Let’s chat about some myths

There are so many great articles that talk about the myths of CrossFit, and I recommend searching for them to get everyone’s perspective. The topics that I encountered quite a bit at the beginning of my CrossFit journey centered on these two things:

  • CrossFit is dangerous, and everyone gets injured
  • CrossFit will make me bulky, and I don’t want to look like the Hulk/She-Hulk
Myth 1: CrossFit is dangerous, and everyone gets injured

Let’s focus on what CrossFit is – a functional strength and conditioning program that uses varied movements which prepare the average person for the rigors of everyday life. Personally, as a first-time mom, this meant having the ability to keep up with my son, not compete as a professional CrossFitter alongside the fittest people on the planet. This brings me to CrossFit as a sport; these athletes train multiple times daily to outcompete other athletes who train just as hard. The risk for injury is much higher for an athlete competing to be the fittest person on the planet than for a person who wants to tow their laundry up the stairs without being winded.

Where you can expect to make mistakes during a WOD (workout of the day) is when you get tired and want to finish, so you push forward, throwing form out the window. This is where proper coaching comes in. A great coach will demonstrate the movements at the beginning of class, and correct form as the WOD progresses. I recommend that you get to know the coaching staff and their style before joining a gym. A great way to see if Cryptid CrossFit is a fit for you is to stop by during our Bring A Friend Week (March 20-24, 2023) – it’s FREE – it’s a WEEK long – come as many times as you’d like (you can tell them you’re Nicole’s guest, which will earn you $75 off your first month of membership).

Myth 2: CrossFit will make me bulky

I must admit this myth was mostly spoken to me by women whose only experience with CrossFit was google image searches and bodybuilding competitions. It’s important to remember that both of these types of people are athletes who train several times a day and have specific nutritional strategies to help them gain and maintain that kind of muscle mass.

That being said, what can you expect to happen to your body as you do CrossFit? Your body will have increased muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular and respiratory fitness, coordination, balance, bone strength (i.e., bone mineral density), and decreased body fat percentage. As a result of all of this, your muscles will look more defined because you are training them (and because your body fat percentage is going down). Honestly, how your muscles respond to training is largely defined by your genetics, with your nutrition playing a part as well. In general, you can expect to stay you shaped. If you want to bulk up, speak with a coach about these goals so they can help you get there.

For insight into how a female’s body responds to CrossFit, check out this article about Tia Clair-Toomey (female champion of the CrossFit Games for the past 6 years). It details her struggle with loving her body and shows what 6 years of CrossFit has done for her physique. For insight into how a male body responds to CrossFit, check out this article on Matt Fraser (five-time male champion of CrossFit games), which shows him as a young weightlifter.

Let’s chat about what CrossFit is

CrossFit in 6 words: Constantly varied functional movements at high intensity. It meets you where you are and takes you to places you never thought possible (in terms of your fitness).

What are functional movements?

Simply put, functional movements prepare you for tackling everyday tasks. The exercises you can expect will involve squatting, hinging, pushing, pulling, carrying, rotating, and lunging. These exercises will aid your body when you are getting in and out of your car, walking up and down the stairs, sitting and standing from the couch or your desk chair, carrying all the groceries in a single trip, chasing your toddler at the park, and pushing a full cart of groceries (among many more). These tasks become easier when your muscles, tendons, and joints become stronger.

Every WOD is adjustable for people of any age, skill, and fitness level

While it can be intimidating to see a barbell movement being performed for the first time, it’s important to note that you don’t need to lift an insane amount of weight for the movement to be effective. Learning these movements doesn’t start with a loaded bar … it doesn’t start with an unloaded bar, either. It begins with mastering every step of the movement with a PVC pipe, which weighs about a pound. Once you have demonstrated the skill, you and your coach will determine the path forward. A solid foundation in a movement will prevent injury and increase your confidence and competence. From there, the sky is the limit!

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