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Back 2 Basics: Ring Muscle-Up Progressions

What to expect this week at Cryptid CrossFit: ring muscle-ups. This high-skill gymnastics movement requires both pulling and pushing movements and a strong core.

Low Ring Muscle-Ups Progression

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Focus on breaking the movement down into 4 positions:
Position 1 – With a false grip, do an ugly squat (with knees out over the toes), and hang with active shoulders below the rings.
Position 2 – Extend the legs, allowing you to pull up to the bottom of the rings. The rings should make contact with your body.
Position 3 – Trace the rings around your chest to the armpit so you finish at the bottom of the dip.
Position 4 – Jump or press yourself up to a position of support above the rings.

By returning to the basics of this movement, you’ll work on strengthening everything from your wrists to your core to your toes.

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