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August’s Feature Creature

This month’s featured creature is the beloved BigFoot: a very large, and very hairy human-like creature. Despite their tall stature (6-9 feet), big feet (24 inches long, and 8 inches wide), and muscular appearance, they are difficult to find in the forested regions they inhabit in the Pacific Northwest.

Tales of BigFoot can be found throughout the world, and date back as far as 1000 years. If you ever find and trap one, you will definitely get a Hollywood movie deal (just don’t let it live in your house as the Hendersons did).

Let the muscular and stealthy BigFoot inspire you all to FIND YOUR INNER BEAST. Don’t forget to check into Cryptid CrossFit via Push Press 14 times or more for the month of August to earn the BigFoot enamel pin. #CryptidFit #FeatureCreature #BigFoot #CrossFit #Kalamazoo #InnerBeast