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April’s Feature Creature

This month’s featured creature is the one and only Unicorn. This majestic white horse-like creature with a singular long spiraling horn protruding from its forehead has been described as an extremely wild woodland creature. It has always symbolized purity and grace, and it was thought that only a virgin could ever capture one. Legend says the unicorn’s horn had healing properties: it could be an antidote for all poisons and heal any sickness.

Interestingly, the unicorn doesn’t derive from Greek mythology. Instead, you can find accounts of them in Natural History. This is because the Greeks truly believed the unicorn was real and they could be found in India.

Let the elusive Unicorn inspire you all to FIND YOUR INNER BEAST. Don’t forget to check into Cryptid CrossFit via Push Press 14 times or more for the month of march to earn your entry into the Unicorn committed club. #CryptidFit #FeatureCreature #Unicorn #CrossFit #InnerBeast