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April Programming

A Glimpse Ahead – What to Expect in April

The focus for April will be slow lifts and you’ll encounter them during the pre- and post-workout skill work. Just because the lifts are slow doesn’t mean the weights will be low. You can expect an average Rx load of 110 pounds (which is heavier than last month AND heavier than our yearly average). You’ll also notice extra days with no extra skill work to balance out the days with these slow lifts.

There was a heavy power clean day back in February that you’ll see again at the end of April. I can’t wait to see how much all of you have improved! Check into a Cryptid CrossFit class using PushPress and log your WODs in BTWB afterward.

Who doesn’t love partner and benchmark workouts? This month will feature both. Linda and Barbara Ann, I can’t wait to meet you ladies again! You’ll also be introduced to the devil’s press – because only a cryptid would think about combining burpees with a double dumbbell kettlebell swing (or a dumbbell snatch). I’ve included a video below of this movement, with tips for completing it safely.

Preview and tips for the Devils Press

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