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We help busy people get fit and healthy

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How Do I Get Started?

    1. Book a Free Consult: A Free consultation, also called a no-sweat intro, is simply a goals session with a coach to understand how we can help. Start here: book a No-Sweat Intro
    2. Get a personalized plan: You will walk away from the free consultation with a personalized plan. Everyone is different so we take the time to help by giving you the best prescription to help you meet your goals.  There is no obligation to join, we just want to help. 
    3. Start training and see results. With your personalized plan in hand, now it’s time to take action. If you need help taking action, we will be there for you. Our job is to help you get results. 

Ready to kick start your transformative journey tailored to you? Cryptid CrossFit is here to be your guide and support you every step of the way.  The first step is easy, just click to book a No-Sweat Intro

Services Offered


CrossFit is a functional fitness methodology. We provide constantly varied, functional fitness that is tailored to your current ability.

Nutrition Consulting

You can't out train a bad diet. We all have questions about the foods we eat and all the conflicting nutrition headlines we see every day. Let us help support and educate you to meet your goals.

Rehab Services

Cryptid CrossFit has in-house rehab professionals that are dedicated towards helping you overcome pain and injury all while staying in the gym and accomplishing your goals.

Who We Are


Cryptid CrossFit is an inclusive, community-centered fitness club. Our friendly membership base allows our members and staff to offer a welcoming atmosphere to train consistently. Above the superior professionalism that we maintain, safety is number one on our list. We strive to continue offering top level training services to help our athletes reach their health and fitness-related goals while always reminding them to keep training fun.

We are committed to helping our community achieve a healthy lifestyle by making fitness and nutrition fun and accessible.


Our Mission is to help 10,000 people in our community improve their health. 

Why? Because we believe everybody deserves the highest quality of life possible. 


COMMUNITY - We make everyone feel welcome. We introduce ourselves, say hello and goodbye, and act kindly. We value and respect each other for who we are as individuals. We are committed to one another, individually and collectively – enabling us to overcome all challenges with laughter. Our strength is in our community.

FUN - Every day you choose to be at two places: home and work. If you had to choose the third place, we hope you choose us. Cryptid CrossFit is your place to get away from the stress of life. Our community continues to come back daily because we make fitness fun. We want to provide the best hour of your day.

HEALTH - Health is fitness over the years of your life. We use CrossFit to create a healthier community for tomorrow.

Ready to Find Your Inner Beast?

Contact us to ask a question, say hi, or learn more about Cryptid CrossFit and our community of people who work for a healthier tomorrow.